We have worked on a number of art projects, most notably for the photographer and artist Idris Khan. Working directly for Idris, and his assistant Tom Colebrook, we have carried out the sandblasting for several ‘works’ that have gone on to be displayed in prestigious galleries around the world. Using different abrasives, air pressures and our sandblasting experience, we have been able to help bring the artist’s visions to life.

On various art projects we have blasted onto copper, epoxy, fibreglass, steel, glass and even cotton fabric.

The artistic effect seen in ‘Quartet for the End of Time’ (pictured above displayed at the Louis Vuitton Gallery in Paris), was achieved by carefully sandblasting multiple layers of music on top of each other, into a steel surface. You can find the full story and a detailed explanation of the process by following this link:

The same technique has been used for a number of other projects, pictured below:

We have used sandblasting techniques to create other artistic finishes and have worked with a number of artists to help them achieve the effects they are looking for, such as this rusted statue created by ‘Working Metals’. The metal was sandblasted to create a surface which would oxidise evenly.